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Process Overview

QRG uses a structured, step-by-step process when developing Strategic Plans for its clients. As part of this, QRG ensures that each phase builds on what was determined in previous steps. QRG manages the strategic planning process much like a large-scale IT or scientific research project, carefully planning each element and deliverable and then regularly tracking progress to ensure that it remains on schedule. Especially when multiple stakeholders are involved, this is critical for assuring that their input and feedback are properly incorporated into the final deliverable.

Below is a description of the steps that QRG usually employs, although these can certainly be modified based on client preferences:

STEP 1: Thoroughly Understand the Client's Requirements and Commit to Due Dates and Deliverables.

STEP 2: Clearly Define the Client's Current Situation, Including a SWOT Analysis, Organizational Assessment, and Competitive Benchmarking.

STEP 3: Create the Client's Strategic Foundation of Purpose.

STEP 4: Determine What the Client's Future Environment Will Likely Be as a Baseline for Planning Purposes.

STEP 5: Develop the Strategic Plan Using QRG's Proprietary Hierarchical Model and Its Principles of Assured Focus.

STEP 6: Train and Assist the Client with Implementation, Then Provide Optional On-Going Support.

If you would like to learn more about QRG’s IMPACT Model, Principles of Assured Focus, Strategic Foundation of Purpose, or any of our other tools, please contact us.