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Working With QRG

For many organizations, lack of familiarity with using management consultants causes apprehension. Since its inception, QRG has made it a policy to be as flexible and accommodating as possible. QRG strives to make its clients completely comfortable and confident from the outset of the engagement. We do this by defining the process thoroughly and by offering client satisfaction and performance guarantees that other consultancies do not. We also emphasize a "pleasant surprises only" philosophy when working with our clients, meaning that we make a point of always giving our clients more than they expected at no additional charge. QRG firmly believes that this is an important factor in building long-term relationships.

Our performance guarantees are a rarity in the world of management consulting. Whereas most consultancies are uncomfortable with any kind of performance guarantee or commitment, QRG embraces this. In addition to promising complete client satisfaction, we commit to completing our deliverables in the timeframe designated by the client. These assurances provide our clients with the highest possible degree of confidence, which also implies the lowest possible risk.

Another consideration is cost. Due to our minimal overhead, QRG consistently charges a fraction of what larger consulting firms typically do for the same suite of services.