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Our Practice Areas

Over the past six years, QRG has stayed true to the core mission on which the firm was founded: Delivering the strategic consulting services most needed by organizations that cannot afford large, costly consulting firms. Three practice areas in particular have become the primary emphasis for QRG as more and more institutions struggle with the difficult economy, market turbulence, greater competition, and an increasingly complex regulatory environment. These three areas of focus, which are closely related, are the following:

Within these three practice disciplines, QRG has been able to serve a variety of different client types from the private sector, the non-profit community, institutions of higher learning, the Federal Government, and quasi-governmental entities. Despite their diversity, our clients have certain common attributes that enable them to derive exceptional value from QRG's services. For more information on these client characteristics, and to determine if your organization would truly benefit from working with QRG, please visit our target client types.