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Organizational Effectiveness Studies

In addition to asking us to personally advise them, the top leaders of our client executives often seek our help with organizational alignment This is a natural outcome of the Strategic Planning process, because these executives recognize that the long-term goals of their organization will not be achieved unless the entire staff fully embraces the Mission and Vision.

The first step in attaining this alignment is to perform an Organizational Effectiveness Study, or OES. QRG conducts these assessments to help its clients understand their internal strengths and weaknesses, identify structural changes that could enhance performance, determine high-priority operational improvements, and define the cultural adjustments that should be emphasized. The clients for whom QRG has successfully performed Organizational Effectiveness Studies typically have one or more of these profiles:

A. The organization is clearly not operating efficiently, and the top executive is unsure how to address this.

B. The organization is in critical need of a cultural transformation, for a variety of reasons.

C. The existing structure has been in place too long, the organization has become stagnant, and a restructuring is needed to improve alignment.