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Our Methodology

QRG has its own clearly defined, systematic approach to the strategic planning process and the firm's other practice areas. This methodology has been refined over the years, based largely on client feedback and lessons learned, to the point where it is now proven and highly effective for any operating environment. QRG thoroughly documents and explains its processes at the beginning of any engagement, and then makes whatever adjustments and modifications the client requests.

The guiding principle underlying all of QRG's proprietary processes is measurability of results. Everything we do can be linked directly to improving all aspects of institutional performance, and we are experts in developing the metrics that are most meaningful and useful for our clients. While our engagement focus is almost always on strategic areas in need of clear direction, the greatest value we ultimately provide is disciplined focus and practical management tools for enhancing the performance of our clients' organizations.

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR CLIENTS: Our practice areas very complex, and clients are often overwhelmed by the prospect of undertaking these projects. QRG makes sure at the outset that our clients completely understand how the process will work, eliminating any uncertainty. We also provide highly detailed timelines and schedules as a matter of course, which further alleviates any client discomfort. Once they understand them, our clients share the confidence that we have in our proven methodologies. This is strengthened by the fact that QRG actively solicits and encourages client feedback on how to customize its approach for each project.