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What We Do

QRG provides a distinctive set of strategic consulting services that are designed to create maximum client value over the long-term.Our work is focused on delivering high-impact and measurable results, while at the same time enabling our clients to be self-sufficient going forward. We achieve the latter by providing powerful yet easy-to-use management tools that we customize for each client’s unique environment.

Although strategic planning is the primary focus of QRG's consulting practice, we also do work in other areas of strategy as well as executive mentoring. This enables QRG to bring an even richer perspective to the strategic planning process, because creation of the optimal Strategic Plan requires knowledge in other areas such as strategic marketing, organizational culture and alignment, process management, and operational effectiveness. Without these complementary areas of expertise, strategic planning is usually either too academic or too tactical.

Whereas many consultancies prefer to focus on a specific industry or market sector, QRG has intentionally expanded its practice to embrace a broad spectrum of client organizations. Over the years, we have worked with start-up firms, mid-sized private companies, multi-billion dollar corporations, universities, Federal agencies, industry associations, and other not-for-profit entities. This diverse experience gives QRG the ability to translate best practices across client environments, which often results in useful insights that a client may not have otherwise received from an industry insider. In many instances, QRG has recommended approaches and solutions that succeeded in one sector to a different one that had never considered them.