QRG Inc. offers performance guarantees that no other consultancy provides. Find out more about
QRG's Guaranteed Impact Offer.

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QRG Guarantees

Few if any management consultancies offer true performance guarantees for their work. Furthermore, they are reluctant to make commitments on due dates, deliverables, and other reasonable client expectations. QRG embraces this to the point of documenting precisely what we will deliver, by when, and the processes we will use.

Our goal for every engagement is to ensure that the client has absolutely no question about what they will receive. We actually describe our deliverables in detail at the beginning of the project, and then identify the review cycle and other pertinent timing considerations.

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR CLIENTS: The risk to our clients of being not fully satisfied with QRG's work does not exist – we make sure of this. Although no QRG client has ever actually exercised this provision, we remain steadfast in our commitment to do whatever it takes at no additional cost to complete each project to the client's total satisfaction.