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Target Client Types


QRG has worked with more than a dozen non-profit entities over the years, and this sector is an extremely important focus for the firm. These clients represent a wide spectrum of different non-profits, including cause-based start-ups, industry and professional associations, large national advocacy groups, public radio stations, research institutes, and regional social services agencies. The work performed by QRG for these entities has involved long-term strategic planning, mentoring of top leadership, organizational effectiveness and operational efficiency studies, and organizational restructuring. Read More

Small/Mid-Sized Companies Struggling with Growth

A number of smaller companies, across a variety of industries, have engaged QRG to help them achieve growth. Often, they were in a state of stagnation and unsure how to move forward. A particularly common theme among these small firms was that their previous method of scaling, which was word of mouth, was no longer generating new customers for them. The economic downturn has of course also been a major factor. Read More

Corporations Dealing with Major Turbulence

Very few industries are enjoying relative stability these days; there are simply too many disruptive variables that are creating uncertainty and turbulence. Many companies that had proven, successful business models for decades are now facing a total upheaval to what was once a reliable and predictable source of revenue and profit. The key to successfully navigating this challenging environment is Adaptability, which has become a prevalent concept recently. QRG specializes in helping organizations become more adaptable and agile through a variety of tools and methods. Unfortunately, most organizations are having a difficult time figuring out how to internalize this into their culture. Read More