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Corporations Dealing with Major Turbulence

QRG has specialized in advising companies on how to become more adaptable for years, well before it became fashionable. Similar to our approach for other disciplines, we employ a systematic process to help clients determine how to evolve their organizations towards greater “agility” and “resilience”. We begin by obtaining a baseline understanding of the client’s three primary Adaptability components:

These are what determine the relative ability of any organization to adapt to a dynamic and complex environment. QRG uses its own proprietary analytical tools to help its corporate clients assess the particular strengths they should leverage, and what areas are in the greatest need of improvement. Using this framework, QRG then helps its clients to create an Adaptability Enhancement Plan that outlines the steps necessary to achieve a desired future state. This plan includes milestones and a master timeline, with the added value of performance metrics that enable the client to evaluate progress towards its goals. These are provided across all three of the Adaptability components mentioned above.

Whereas other management consultancies offer assistance with becoming a more adaptable organization, their methodologies rarely include a detailed action plan and measurable outcomes. Inclusion of these is what distinguishes the QRG approach, offering clients the practical tools needed for successful execution.