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Small/Mid-Sized Companies Struggling with Growth

QRG takes a systematic approach to addressing the growth challenges of smaller firms. The first step is always to learn the specific causes of their current situation, both external and internal. QRG uses its own internally developed analytical models and tools to assess a client’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as to categorize their market into segments that will enable the identification of specific growth opportunities. These models and tools are designed to be simple and easy to comprehend, yet they are extremely powerful in terms of determining the best path forward.

There are two aspects of QRG’s analytical processes that are particularly noteworthy:

One final note about our approach to solving growth challenges for small/mid-sized firms: We focus on figuring out which market opportunities will be the best fit with our client’s capabilities, thereby minimizing risk. Although this may seem obvious, we’ve seen many companies that don’t properly factor this into their decision-making.