About QRG


QRG Founder & Principal Martin (Marty) Lattman

Founder and lead principal Martin (Marty) Lattman brings an unusually diverse background to his work at QRG. His experience includes roles as CEO, adjunct professor of marketing and strategy, leadership seminar facilitator, sales trainer, and management skills coach. Marty leverages all of these in his consulting services to provide practical, value-add guidance that consistently achieves results.

Prior to establishing QRG in 2005, he spent twenty years in the telecommunications and IT industries. In addition to serving as President and CEO of Rocketseed USA and President of RAD Data Communications, Marty held Vice President positions in marketing, sales management, product management, and strategic alliances at Visual Networks, Racal Datacom, AnswerSoft, and NetWorth. His accomplishments include three Product of the Year recognitions, two successful IPO’s as a member of the executive team, and several personal awards such as Marketing Person of the Year at Timeplex Corp. and Marketing Instructor of the Year at the Johns Hopkins University Graduate School of Business.

Marty’s consulting work at QRG has involved more than seventy different organizations, with an emphasis on small/mid-sized businesses and not-for-profits. He also has extensive experience with global corporations and Federal Government agencies, mostly related to leadership development and management training. 

While building his consulting practice, Marty taught in the MBA program at the Johns Hopkins University Graduate School of Business from 2004 – 2011. The courses he taught included marketing, leadership, financial analysis, and strategy. Marty served on a number of faculty committees and as an advisor for graduate research projects. He also developed several courses and reviewed textbooks for the school’s curriculum.

From 2008 – 2018, Marty was an active faculty member of the American Management Association (AMA). He taught more than 300 seminars for this global management education institute, on topics such as Strategic Planning, Developing Executive Leaders, Advanced Executive Leadership, Strategic Agility, and Strategy Execution among others. In 2016, Marty developed AMA’s course on Transformational Leadership which has now become one of their most popular leadership offerings.

Marty is currently an instructor for two small woman-owned firms that deliver webinars and on-site sessions focused on critical organizational skills. Commonly taught topics include Dealing with Change, Giving Effective Feedback, Managing a Multi-Generation Workforce, Resilience, Positive Thinking, Effective Communication, Emotional Intelligence, and many others. He has conducted more than 150 webinars and seminars on these subjects.

In addition, Marty also delivers webinars for one of the world’s leading EAP providers. Although he facilitates a variety of topics, two of the main ones he has been teaching recently are mentoring and career coaching. This inspired him to launch his own personal coaching practice to supplement his organizational consulting. Marty is now working with a number of individuals, most of whom are interested in a career change.

As a strong believer in “giving back”, Marty is an active Board member for multiple not-for-profit organizations such as the Institute for Public Policy and Religious Freedom, the Global Access Education Platform, and Soft Lacrosse. He is the author of numerous business articles and the book “Manage Your Mission” (available on Amazon). An avid lacrosse enthusiast, Marty served on several Boards for U.S. Lacrosse, conducted dozens of clinics and youth camps, and was the head coach for Montgomery College and the Turkish National Lacrosse Team. He believes that his extensive athletic coaching experience has value for mentoring people of all levels, since there are parallels in terms of focus, accountability, adaptability, and other key management principles.

Marty holds a BA from the College of Wooster and an MBA from Cornell University.

Our Mission & Vision

MISSION: To enable smaller companies and not-for-profits to achieve their full growth potential as efficiently as possible. 
VISION: To be recognized as an insightful and reliable resource for enlightened leaders who embrace the value of a holistic approach to growth.

Our Proven Approach

Leveraging a number of insights gained from many years of experience, QRG has developed a system that addresses the true keys to successful growth acceleration. These are less obvious and often under-appreciated. Traditional business development firms and sales consultants emphasize the pure selling aspects, and marketing agencies focus on image and demand creation. As important as these are, they are only aimed at what we consider the “symptoms” of disappointing sales. The root causes must also be addressed, and they in turn help cure the “symptoms”. These root causes, which are the under-appreciated considerations noted above, are addressed in the CADA model:


Recognizing that this influences everything and that it must be managed.


The importance of being highly focused on your mission and vision with all employees buying in to them.


The necessity of standing out from your competition in a way that customers appreciate and care about.


Becoming a more agile and resilient organization by embracing the principle “adapt or die.”


Why QRG?

Are You Wondering What Makes Us Different?

The value that a management consulting firm should bring is practical wisdom. This can only come from many years of relevant experience in a wide variety of situations. The more familiar a consultant is with different environments, the greater the number of thought-provoking recommendations and effective solutions he/she will provide. Why is this useful? Because every sector has its own way of thinking, and often an outside perspective is needed to encourage new approaches and strategies. Why should you pay to hear the conventional wisdom of your industry, which you already know? Aren’t you looking for disruptive ideas instead?

QRG’s Martin Lattman has unusual breadth of experience: Former President/CEO of two companies, eight years as adjunct faculty for the MBA program of a major university, ten years teaching leadership and strategy seminars, author of numerous articles and two books, and Board member of several organizations. Add to this the expertise and backgrounds of the firm’s other principals, and the collective knowledge is quite extensive. Clients include dozens of large corporations and smaller companies from many industries, Federal agencies, professional associations, and cause-based not-for-profit institutions.

Another distinctive aspect of QRG is our focus on Insights. We believe that the traditional hierarchy of Knowledge Management is missing a layer. On top of the Data, Information, and Knowledge pyramid should be a fourth level that is the most valuable of all. This is where pieces of Knowledge are synthesized and then applied where there is a lack of previous experience for the organization. We call these Insights, and they are the key to reducing risk and improving outcomes when charting new territory. If you are interested in receiving our free Insights postings, please click here.