Quality Revenue Growth

All Revenue is Not Created Equal.
Find Out Why.

If you are like most executives, your top leadership concern is how to accelerate growth. This may seem straightforward, but you have probably found it is not that simple. A common realization: There is more to this than merely generating additional sales.

Needless to say, you want increased revenue that is profitable and you want to achieve this efficiently – right? So what's the key? The answer is twofold: A holistic approach that addresses all the main factors which ultimately drive sales, and a strong focus on revenue quality.

Based on many years of relevant experience, QRG has developed a proven methodology for growing revenue – regardless of the size or type of organization. The process is easy to apply and customizable to your specific needs. Most importantly, we guarantee the results.

For more info on our holistic model, you can download our free white paper called 'What Really Drives Growth.” To learn more about the concept of revenue quality, you can also download our free white paper entitled 'Quality of Revenue Definitely Matters.' You can also schedule a brief phone call with us and receive a complimentary audit of your current revenue profile. We're confident it could be a major eye-opener for you and definitely worth a little of your time.

Quality Revenue Growth

QRG Founder and President Martin Lattman is the author of Manage Your Mission: A Practical Guide for Leaders of Non-Profits.

Using a logical, step-by-step approach derived from his own personal experience as a corporate CEO, the author explains how non-profit leaders can establish the proper focus and priorities for their organizations through systematic strategic planning and performance-oriented execution.

Strategic Consulting

QRG specializes in assessing an organization's growth strategies and then determining the best opportunities to improve results. The assessments we do leverage our unique CADA model, and our recommendations ensure that all drivers of revenue and profit – both direct and indirect – are optimized. The principle of Revenue Quality is emphasized throughout this process, and clients receive detailed yet easy-to-use roadmaps to guide their efforts going forward.

Executive Mentoring

QRG has extensive experience working on an individual basis with leaders of small businesses and not-for-profits. Using our expertise in both leadership development and management skills training, we create personalized action plans to enhance the effectiveness of our clients. Counsel and support can be provided in any manner that the client prefers, as a one-time project or an ongoing basis.

Custom Training

QRG is highly experienced at the creation of custom courses for executives and managers of all levels. Our work in this area has included multi-day seminars, hands-on workshops, 1-hour webinars, podcasts, and other forms of content delivery. QRG has covered more than thirty different leadership and management topics, as well as considerable work in sales and business development training. To ensure that our clients achieve their desired results, we also assist with the implementation of new growth initiatives as needed.

Our Compelling Insights

So what's the logic behind our methodology (CADA)? Very simply, it is based on the following key insights: 

We believe strongly in the famous Peter Drucker quote 'Culture eats strategy for breakfast'. A flawed culture will inevitably lead to poor performance; it is only a matter of time. Our insight is that culture should be managed as a strategic initiative, including metrics. QRG has created a simple yet powerful process for building a desirable culture that is conducive to continued growth. 

Getting all of your employees on the same page can be extremely difficult. Unless you establish a foundation that everyone can relate to, it will always be an uphill battle. Our insight is that this foundation should consist of Mission (Why You Exist), Vision (Desired Future State), and Unique Value (Why Anyone Should Give You Their Money).

Regardless of what type of organization you have, it is essential to stand out from the crowd. Otherwise, you will get lost in the noise and growth becomes even more challenging. Our insight is that your competitive advantages (Differentiation) must be compelling, sustainable, defensible, and most importantly be something your customers care about and appreciate. In other words, they must add meaningful value.

 'The only constant is change', and this is more evident now than ever before. Of all the desirable attributes to embed in your culture, the ability to respond successfully to change may be the most important. Our insight is that adaptability can be learned, enhanced, and managed at an individual, departmental, and organization-wide level


Recognizing that this influences everything and that it must be managed.


The necessity of standing out from your competition in a way that customers appreciate and care about.


The importance of being highly focused on your mission and vision with all employees buying in to them.


Becoming a more agile and resilient organization by embracing the principle 'adapt or die.'


What QRG Clients Have to Say:

When I contracted Marty Lattman to lead our strategic planning process, WAMU 88.5 was a public media entity in recovery but still under-performing and severely under-capitalized. Marty was a human Rosetta Stone, with an astounding ability to translate best practices from the conventional nonprofit universe to the quirky world of public radio. He marshaled a large group to develop a Mission Statement that endures, a Vision Statement of prophetic accuracy, and a Strategic Plan accompanied by programs and methods, tactics and metrics that propelled WAMU 88.5 into the #1 ranked 'mega-station' that it is today.

Caryn Mathes

General Manager, WAMU and Board Member, NPR